Hefei Profile

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Being the only provincial capital city boasting one of the five largest freshwater lakes – Chaohu Lake – in China, Hefei is located in the center of Anhui Province and in the middle reaches of Yangtze River. Now there is 1 city, 4 counties, 4 districts and 4 major development zones in Hefei, with a total area of 11,400 square kilometers and the permanent population being 7.7 million.

Long History: Chaohu Lake basin is one of the earliest cradle of ancient civilization and the written history dates back to over 4,000 years ago. The birth of many outstanding people, such as Fan Zeng, a famous politician during the Chu–Han Contention, Zhou Yu, a famous general during the Three Kingdoms era, Justice Pao, a famous official in Song Dynasty, Li Hongzhang, a high official in the late Qing dynasty, Liu Mingchuan, the first governor of Taiwan, Feng Yuxiang, Zhang Zhizhong and Li Kenong, three generals in the early modern period and Chen Ning Yang, a Nobel Prize winners in physics, have really brought glory to Hefei City.

Geographical Advantage: There are 6 railway lines and 7 expressways intersecting in Hefei City, which link the east to the west and connect the south to the north. Hefei South Railway Station has been put into operation. There will be 7 high speed railway lines and 4 electrified railway lines intersecting in Hefei City in the future. It takes 1 hour from Hefei City to Nanjing City, 2 hours to Wuhan City and Shanghai City and 4 hours to Beijing City. The double cross shaped high-speed railway network has initially come into shape. The designed annual throughput capacity of 4E Xinqiao International Airport is 12 million person-time and the freighters of 1,500 tons’level will get access to the sea after the completion of Hefei Xingang Port.

Rich Science Education Resources: The University of Science and Technology of China and 60 other institutions of higher learning are situated in Hefei City, with more than 600,000 scientific and technical personnel. There are 13 scientific research institutions directly under central management, such as Hefei Institute of Physical Science of Chinese Academy of Science, No. 38 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and so on, as well as the engineering research centers, key laboratories, R&D centers and various other R&D institutions, 959 units altogether. 195 experts recruited under the Thousand Talents Program and 82 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering work here. 

Solid Industrial Base: Hefei City owns 37 industrial divisions and over 200 industrial sectors, comprising automobiles, equipment manufacturing, household appliances, electronic information and other key industries. In recent years, the rapid rise of the new type fiat panel display industry, solar photovoltaic industry, new energy automobile industry, public security industry, intelligent voice industry and other strategic emerging industries have gained explosive growth, taking a lead in China.

Open Vitality: Hefei has developed economic and trade relations with more than 180 countries and districts and established the friendship city relationship with Kurume in Japan, Columbus in the U.S. and 9 other foreign cities. Now there are 37 global top 500 companies having invested in Hefei. Hefei City has been awarded as the National Top 50 Cities with Best Investment Environment, National Top 10 Cities with Lowest Cost of Doing Business and National Best Investment City in succession.

Pleasant Ecological Environment: Hefei City is just on the lakeside of Chaohu Lake, which covers a water area of 750 square kilometers. The tourist attractions of Bantang and Tangchi are famous hot spring towns in China. The distinct characteristics of “Garden in the City and City in the Garden”make it become one of the first 3 national garden cities nominated by the central government. At present, the greenery coverage in the built-up area reaches 46% and per capita green area is 12.9 square meters.

As the sub-center of Yangtze River Delta World-class City Cluster and the key city of the “One Belt One Road” strategy, Hefei City has seized the development opportunity to promote economic transformation and upgrading with talents and reinforce the vitality of economic development and urban construction by means of talent aggregation in recent years. Hefei Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People’s Government have always insisted on the strategy of development driven by innovation and issued a lot of preferential policies and measures, attracting high-level talents with approximately RMB 100 million every year. We sincerely invite excellent talents from all over the world to work and start up business in Hefei.