Functions & Responsibillities

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The main functions of Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs of Hefei:

  • Carry out the policies and guidelines of introducing overseas intelligence made by the Party and the state; draw up and implement the policy of introducing overseas intelligence to Hefei city; compile the annual plan as well as the mid-term and long-term programs for talent introduction in Hefei  and then put them into effect.

  • Administrate overseas training for groups and individuals dispatched by Anhui province;be in charge of the examination and approval of the overseas training plans and projects.

  • Administrate the special funds for introducing foreign experts from the state and Hefei city and supervise the use of the funds.

  • Be in charge of the international exchange and cooperation.

  • Be responsible for the evaluation and promotion of the achievements of the introduction of overseas intelligence.

  • Award foreign experts with great contribution.

  • Be in charge of the publicity as well as the safety and the confidentiality of introducing overseas intelligence.

  • Supervise and coordinate the work of introducing overseas intelligence among the cities and  the departments in Hefei city.